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Arising Stars Grand Art Exhibition,2015

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春联,cy,15 001How to paint CNY Festival?
About Chinese New Year(CNY,Lunar New Year)-
The subject of our painting today is Chinese New Year Festival.
The Chinese New Year Festival is the most significant holiday for the Chinese people around the world which is traditionally celebrated from Chinese New Year’s Eve, the last day of the last month of the lunar calendar, to the 15th day of the first month.
Chinese New Year is celebrated in countries and territories with significant Chinese populations, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Philippines and also in Chinatown elsewhere. Traditionally, the festival is a time to honor the deities as well as ancestors
Next, “spring couplets” are hung up around the house and doors.
A reunion dinner is held on New Year’s Eve and is the most important feasting for the Chinese. This is the best time for the family to get together in the whole year, especially for those with family members who are staying away from home.
The objects in the painting are relatively simple that related to the Chinese New Year festival. We will draw a cane basket containing 2 Pomelos and in foreground, there are two mandarin oranges. Adjacent to the oranges, there is a vase with 3 stalks of Roses.
How to Draw
Before sketching, students need to observe the perspective and positioning of the objects in the painting. This is an important technique as it will affect the aesthetic of the painting.
• Start off by sketching with charcoal the frame basket, followed by the handle. To show the weaving of the canes on the basket, vertical and horizontal line are drawn.
• Next, draw two Pomelos in the basket but the one on the left side, draw with a long stalk.
• Draw two oranges which sit in forefront of the basket.
• Draw the vase and on the center of vase draw a diamond shape paper with the word “Fu”on it.
• Sketch the 3 stalks of Roses with leaves extending from the vase.
With the finger tips or brush,mix the black ink with water on the white board to obtain the right consistency. Start off by outlining the basket and its handle. Add in vertical and horizontal line to show the weaving of the canes on the basket. Add in the outline for the two pomelos that sit snugly in the basket. Outline the 2 oranges but only show the stalk for one orange. Dots are added to the body of the pomelos and oranges to show the texture. Next outline in black ink the vase and the 2 stalks of the roses. The other stalk of rose and bud is outlined, shaded and highlighted in red. Black ink is added to the leaves.
Colouring is kept to the minimum.
A shade of green is added to the pomelos, whereas a yellowish orange colour is added to the oranges. Students must take note to leave some area uncoloured.A red colour is used for the diamond shape paper with the word “Fu” (福,Fortune) written in black ink.
Contact:DR TAN CHING YAM,art educator


Lotus flower is a very sorted after for Chinese painting.
Chinese believe it is very noble and in scholar observation lotus flower grows from muddy pool,
when it is blooming and growing .
The flower is very pure.It can define us to be scholar,very gentlemanly.
In Buddhism ,Kwan Yin is sitting on the lotus blossom without any pollution and in a very calmly manners.
-To draw the kingfisher sitting ,the gesture of the bird,head turning to the left,body facing to the right.It looks alert to spot some attraction.Below the kingfisher,there are lalang grass to enhance the atmosphere of the wilderness.The whole atmosphere peaceful is very quiet and calming.
How to draw the painting?
We have to design the whole painting before we start .
The central for flower and bird.There are several ways to paint the flower.The great artist,Pan Tianshou(潘天寿),his creation is very special in the shape of each petal.Aesthetic matter to paint,by looking at the petals is favorite,It is the side view of the flower. The typical part o the flower has an angle.It is not easy to sort out the essence of the painting,because his painting is unique in his own way.

How to draw bird standing on the stalk?
Starting with one stroke of the branch,then the body and the head as well as the tail.
On the head,an eye and the back is added.
Next draw the legs below the stomach.
To draw lotus flower,the brush sroke is very important.Most of the lines are very powerful.Why?
Because the petals are weak by some .

how to color?
We keep the tones ,by using the dark and light tones.It is not neccesary to use the tone without the dimension.
How to color the bird?
Kingfisher is usually noted in blue colour.The top of the head is the most outstading.
The color of the beak is in orange colour.
Is not how big the area we color but mosly is most striking color( orange colour.) we use.
Before the completion of the painting,few brush strokes under the lotus flowers are very important to enhance the whole pieceof painting.
Painting without the subject does not look appealing to the eyes.

Contact: Dr Tan Ching Yam,ART EDUCATOR



The painting comes with the wooden bench/stool, vase with small branch, the bridge, mountain with small stream or waterfall, trees.
This drawing focus on details.
1. Draw a wooden bench and on top of wooden bench there is a small stool and vase with small branch.
Focus on the size to show the distance. The nearer the bigger size and the further the smaller
size is.
Use tone at the bottom of the bench to show reflection of the wood to the water.

2. Focus on how to draw the distance:
for example:
– front mountain vs back mountain where we need to show the size, the arrangement, and tone to reflect the distance.
-Trees, the nearer the tree the clearer the drawing need to be (for example the palm tree and the bushes). Whereas if the trees are farther then can use lighter color to represent and there is no need to show the shape of the trees. However when paint the trees from far the height cannot be the same. The painting for trees from the far has to show uneven tone and height.

3. Focus on how to draw small waterfall / stream:
– the painting has to show the flow of the water, how the water flow to, the shape, the pattern.
– the waterfall flow in between mountains
– the waterfall under the bridge
– use thinner lines to draw the waterfall

4. Focus on how to draw the bridge
– the shape of the bridge
– the distance from near to far
– use black color for bridge underneath
– use color tone to paint the face of the bridge to show the antiquity and old age of the bridge

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