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• Simplify the shape of cat-
From the head to the tail,use 4 circles to symbolize the whole cat.
Circle,1:the Head
Circle,2:the Chest
Circle,3:the Stomach
Circle,4:the Backside
• Detail the head-


outline,10 the ears,the eyes,the nose,the mouth
• Detail the body-
Based on the correct proportion to draw out the chest,the stomach and the backside as well as the tail.
Add on 4 legs below the body.Be sure,the rear leg is slightly longer than the front leg.
Use bold strokes to add the claws.
• Finally add the whiskers.

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There is some differences from the last painting in Hangzhou(杭州).The last painting is more on scenery in China.
This scenery depicts life style in South East Asia.In the early settlement.Singapore has such scenery in olden day.
From the roof of the structure,one can tell the climate from the shape of the roof mainly due to the steep roof to smoother the flow of water.
In China,especially the roof is a bit gentle because of the light rainfall.

However In tropical country,usually the roof is a bit steep and has high stilts to prevent flooding .
We also see tropical plant bananas trees are common.Red mangrove trees are abundant in the beach front.Drying of clothes are usually displaying on the bamboo poles.

How to draw?
The attap house is the focus of the whole painting.
The structure has a lot of of poles ,stair-case in a very relaxed manner.Due to wind ,
therefore all the branches are swinging from one side to the other .
The cliff is obvious along the seaside.On the trees,leaves are in all shapes.
Starting from he foreground ,you have the urn under the high stilt house.
Some bamboo trees in the distance is drawn differently from the single bamboo.
Chickens are a pair:cock for wake up call and hen for eggs.
Kampong(village,Malay word) life is more natural and relaxed.

NOTE:If anyone would like to learn the Chinese painting in easy way,you can
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西湖,How to paint Hangzhou Westlake?
About the painting-
Hangzhou West Lake(杭州西湖)is one of the popular holdiday intinearies,it is a legend,that the mirror drop from the heaven and it becomes a scenic view.
The surrounding of the lake is a famous Pagoda(六和塔) ,and a Split Bridge(断桥) ,in the middle of the lake, the platform reflects the image of the three moons(三潭印月).
Why the Lake is so beautiful ,because of all the famous scholar relic as well as seasonal flowers.
The lotus in summer-can be picked by humans in the small canoe .
Lake cruise will be narrated by the tour agent.
Koi can be seen by the embankment,they rushed upon feeding.
Different seasons can be viewed in autumn maple leaves at its best,beautiful red.

How to draw?
A large area of West Lake.
The foreground is the rock,building,as well as the trees.
The far background is the mountain ranges.In Chinese,there is the painting of “mountain with lake”(山水画)。
How to color?
In the Hangzhou scenery ,it cover with all kind of color in different seasons.
You can view luxurious lotus leaf and flowers in summer.(Green color)
Marple leaf in Autumn .(orange and red)
In winter,on mountain top cover with snow .(white color)
In the late Autumn,scenery is so beautiful,changing colors of the leaves from green to dark red,it is a color to behold.
Cruise are built in classic style with fine architecture.Tranquil environment , a boat sailing in with lively mountain,cultivating the appreciation of absorbing the beauty of natural environment .
Physical beauty also reflects the artist absorption.
The artist must instil the beauty through his painting ,concept of the subject.
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About the scenery-
Hua Hin(华欣) is the first beach resort town in Thailand.It is set on the West Coast of the Gulf of Thailand and is located approximately 190km south of Bangkok. It can be reached in a few hours by car, train or bus. The beach itself is a long, flat stretch of sand that slopes gently.
History of HuaHin–Since its discovery in the early 1920s by King Rama VII, the tranquil fishing village was transformed into the Royal resort and consequently became popular among Siam’s nobility and upper-class.
The construction of a railway line from Bangkok ensured its accessibility and popularity. In 1928, King Rama VII built KlaiKangwon (Far From Worries) Palace which remains until today an official royal residence. It is built next to the sea and the gardens are spectacular with many different exotic plants, and big lakes.
Hua Hin’s sandy beach is five kilometres long, and it is noted for its huge boulders on the beach. The wave is gentle, allowing for swimming year-round.
Today, Hua Hin continues to develop its resorts to meet the needs of increasing numbers of tourists yet it has been able to retain its traditional Thai charm. The beach is well-equipped with umbrellas and beach chairs, and there are plenty of food vendors lining the streets.
Most visitors come here for the beach, sun, water sports and golf, but the seafood is a big draw as well.

In addition to the typical resort attractions of fine accommodation and dining, HuaHin boasts plenty to see and do away from the beach. There is a popular night market and the shops in town that will entice visitors with their high-quality Thai’s silks, locally-made sweets and handicrafts. Visitors can take a leisurely strolls through these narrow and winding streets.
We will draw a beach scenery of Hua Hin. The wide and long stretch of beach is covered with white sand and beyond is the clear blue sea.
Along the beach, there are many beach chairs, umbrellas, and people relaxing on them. There are people swimming in the water, some strolling along the beach and some enjoying the sun.
In the backdrop are gentle sloping hills and trees dotted on the slope.There are 2 Thai traditional houses at the background of the beach.
In the foreground are boulders scattered on the beach and some emerged from the water.
From my sketch, you can see water, hills, low rise buildings, some big umbrellas, boulders and people. As the Chinese saying “simple is harder than it seems” – it looks rather simple, but it is not as simple as you think.
Before sketching, student must observe the object closely and be able to establish the size of the object you want to draw. The size of the object is determined by the distance and where it is placed on the painting. Object will appear smaller if it is further away. If you have seen my painting of Cambridge University, you will notice how detailed and intricate the painting is.
It takes a lot of efforts. Observing and understanding the perspective of the object is very important. I have seen students drawing umbrella that cannot be closed and houses that appear slanted.
Begin sketching by taking a point on the paper :
• Start sketching the water line, followed by the hills in the background and the trees on the slopes.
• Next sketch the structure of the 2 houses – the front and side elevations, the door and windows.
• Add in the Boulders in the foreground and also some emerge from the water;
• Add in the umbrellas – There are round, oval and triangular in shape. Different shape and size of the umbrellas depend very much on the perspective and where they are placed;
• Finally sketch the beach chairs and people relaxing on them. There are also people taking a stroll on the beach near the water. When drawing people, it should be kept as simple as possible, and it is not required to draw their features such as the eyes or nose.

Outline with black ink the water line, hills, trees, houses, umbrellas, beach chairs and people. Students must take extra care when outlining the boulders, To apply the correct texture on the boulders, a drier consistency of the ink is used and the brush has to be spread out before applying it in a firm feathery manner and must belayered.
It should be noted that the upper part of the boulders are to be left white. The same method is also used for the hills and as for the leaves and trees, coarser and jagged strokes are used. A lighter shade of the ink is used when the object is farther away and a darker shade when the object is nearer.
Finally, to bring out the three-dimensional effect of the painting, shadows are added to the objects.
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About the painting-
-The people living in the village,they have all the privilage of natual life.
-Including physical environment such as the mountains, rivers lake,duckling swimming in the lake.
It is very relaxed lifestyle. It is very much different from the urban lifestyle.

No cars, no stress,just a slow pace of life
-It is full of beautifu scenery everywhere.
-You can enjoy the scenery of sunrise or,sunset .
Lovely pine trees grow on the slope .The trunks of trees are strong and sturdy.
The actual scenery are filled with trees ,houses,animals,beautiful huts with thatched roof ,wooden fences along the farmland.
What you can see here are duckling swimming about ,beautiful and sturdy trunks.

How to draw?
-Start off the lake with steep slopes.Use slanted brush stroke to draw it.
-draw two or three duckling swimming in the lake.It makes the painting more interesting.
-draw a hut with thatched roof.
-draw two pine trees between the hut and the lake.
-draw the trunk with barks to denote the sturdy tree.
-by the side of the hut,add some wooden fences to balance the composition of the painting.
In a whole painting,the artist paints the artwork with his skilful brush strokes .The painting give the viewer a kind of freedom and comfortable.