The Art of Finger Painting

The Art of Finger Painting
The Focus Of An Eagle by Dr. Tan Ching Yam

“True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.”
– Albert Einstein

Can amazing art be expressed from thoughts to ink and paper with the use of only your hands and fingers?

Yes, it’s possible.

Learn now on how you can start discovering the creative possibilities of painting without brushes with the art of finger painting—an ancient Chinese art form with its popularity dated back to the glorious days of the Tang dynasty during the 7th century.

Dr. Tan Ching Yam began drawing at the age of 6, and progressed to learning finger painting under the tutelage of one of finger painting’s foremost authority in the arts and Chinese painting, Mr. Wu Tsai Yen.

Since then his art works had been featured worldwide, from collections in universities and museums, held and participated in both art-exhibitions and solo art-exhibitions locally and overseas, and became an award winning artist with the highest accolades:

  • Excellence In Finger Painting — Netaji Award, India, 2003
  • Albert Schweitzer (International Foundation — England, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain) Gold Medal Award, 2006
  • Achievement of art and works selected by Publishing House of Almanac of Global Media in Chinese, Beijing, 2006
  • Reference Asia, 1995
  • Asia Pacific Who’s Who, 1998
  • Asian America — Who’s Who, 2002
  • Awarded Overseas Art Consultant, China, 2006
  • Awarded Art Consultant in Hospital / Chairman for Senior Citizen Calligraphy & Painting Society, Singapore, 2006
  • Long Service Award (38 years of dedicated service in education) by MOE, Singapore, 2004
  • Calligraphy awarded by Dr. Tan Tsze Chor Art Award, 2002
  • Painting Awarded Gold Medal by The Research Inst.of Zhongyuan for Chinese Painting & Calligraphy, 2002

Dr. Tan has been dedicating his career, as an art educator, to a vision of sharing this art form to great individuals around the world — like you — today.

Course: The Art of Finger Painting

Age is never a boundary when it comes to learning and mastering art. You too can begin your journey in creating beautiful finger painting artworks with The Art Dojo.

Dr. Tan Ching Yam is now conducting lessons on finger painting. Details:

1. Finger Painting Workshop by National Arts Council (pri and sec school students)

2. Finger Painting Classes at Tanjong Pagar CC (for all levels)

3. Finger Painting: One-to-One classes with Dr. Tan Ching Yam (for all levels)

You’ll be gaining a whole wealth of knowledge and practice in the art of finger painting, including:

  • Insights into the history of finger painting and the Chinese culture
  • Understanding the unique differences between Chinese brush painting and the art of finger painting
  • Hands-on sessions on practicing the techniques of finger painting (from whole palm and fingers to actualizing your creative ideas onto the visual canvas)
  • Guided usage of different strokes, colors, and ink
  • Live demonstrations and discussions, followed by one-to-one personal coaching throughout the course, meeting every participants’ needs

Each session is 2 hours. Further information for course fees and specific dates of classes will be given upon writing in with the contact form below.

Courses are available throughout the year, with the exception of public holidays and the June / December breaks.

And a testimony from one of our students that you may enjoy.

“During my three-month leave from work, I attended a ten-week course on Finger Painting with Dr Tan. I have thoroughly enjoyed the weekly classes as Dr Tan is an excellent art teacher. He is very willing to share his art knowledge and expertise with his students. He is also very professional and systematic in the way he delivers his lessons.

Though I am only a beginner in finger painting, I find myself encouraged by his great patience and positive attitude. On one occasion, I was unwell and Dr Tan and his wife showed a lot of concern. He also gave me extra tips on how to bring back the knowledge I have acquired to my school. After this, I know that I can go back to work more confidently.

I am glad that I have taken up the course with Dr Tan. After knowing him, I am amazed by his numerous talents and achievements. He is not only a great artist but a wonderful writer as well. His dedication and contribution to art is really inspiring to us all.”

– Ms Soh Wan Hong, Northland Pr. Sch, Singapore

We’ll love you to be in this growing community of artists who are making a difference in others with your work. Proceed to the contact form below to sign up for your class today.

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