The cat is standing on a wooden pail.
Procedure: head—legs—body
-use charcoal to draw a oval as the head.
-draw a semi-circle as the legs.(consists of one front leg ,body and hint leg)
-draw another semi-circle as the legs.(consists of another front leg, body and another hint leg)
Detail the painting-
-draw 2 ears on head ,4 legs(must be oval shape),then the tail.
-use black ink to outline the shape of the head and eyes. Make sure that the ink must not be too wet.
-draw the tail using a strong brush stroke(dark color)
-color the centre of ear with oval shape ink.
-Color 2 patches for the face.
-Use strong stroke(double tone) for the body and legs.
-Outline the pail. Use brown color to paint on it.
-Use turquoise color to color the eyes
-use a dot to represent the nose.
-use red color as the mouth.
Draw 3 whiskles on each of the patch at the face.