Singapore River in the Olden Days

We will be drawing the scene of the” Singapore River in the Olden Days”.
How to Draw
Begin sketching the Singapore River Scene using charcoal.
• Take a point and draw the houses, the pathway, the river bank, jetty, two bumboats and two workers manning the boats.

• Using black ink with finger technique to draw the 3 stories houses with the tiled roofs and windows; the river bank, jetty, two bumboats and the two workers.

• Add in the shadows on the houses and the river bank.

Using Chinese brush painting method, paint the roof using a maroon colour. Add in the shadow on the roofs using a darker colour of the maroon.
Add in the highlight by going over the edge of all the objects using a brownish colour. For the façade of the houses, use a bluish colour to highlight the windows and brown.
Brown colour is also added to the side of the houses and pathway. A mixture of blue, brown and black ink is added the riverbank with down stroke brush. The same colour is also added to the bumboats. Colour the workers a bright red or orange colour.
Using different shades of yellow for the sky and go over it with different shade of green.
Student through practice, will be able to apply the correct consistency of the ink and colours to the objects they are drawing.