The painting comes with the wooden bench/stool, vase with small branch, the bridge, mountain with small stream or waterfall, trees.
This drawing focus on details.
1. Draw a wooden bench and on top of wooden bench there is a small stool and vase with small branch.
Focus on the size to show the distance. The nearer the bigger size and the further the smaller
size is.
Use tone at the bottom of the bench to show reflection of the wood to the water.

2. Focus on how to draw the distance:
for example:
– front mountain vs back mountain where we need to show the size, the arrangement, and tone to reflect the distance.
-Trees, the nearer the tree the clearer the drawing need to be (for example the palm tree and the bushes). Whereas if the trees are farther then can use lighter color to represent and there is no need to show the shape of the trees. However when paint the trees from far the height cannot be the same. The painting for trees from the far has to show uneven tone and height.

3. Focus on how to draw small waterfall / stream:
– the painting has to show the flow of the water, how the water flow to, the shape, the pattern.
– the waterfall flow in between mountains
– the waterfall under the bridge
– use thinner lines to draw the waterfall

4. Focus on how to draw the bridge
– the shape of the bridge
– the distance from near to far
– use black color for bridge underneath
– use color tone to paint the face of the bridge to show the antiquity and old age of the bridge

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