The Art Dojo: School Of Chinese Arts Mastery

Dr. Tan Ching Yam, The Art Dojo
The Founder: Dr. Tan Ching Yam

The Art Dojo (艺术道場) was founded in March 2010 by 3 of the brightest people in Singapore, led by Dr. Tan Ching Yam, with the vision of sharing the fine art of finger painting, Chinese brush painting, and art therapy to great individuals—like you.

Mastering art requires developing a unique set of skills, techniques, and the building up of a person’s character.

It’s not all about painting pictures. What the students of The Art Dojo and you would benefit from is to start painting works of art that wows your audience, brings healing to the soul, and creating massive value in your art that people will enjoy.

Age is never a boundary when it comes to learning and mastering art. You too can begin your journey in creating beautiful finger painting art works, amazing Chinese brush painting, and discovering how art works as an effective healing tool with art therapy.

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“On July 23rd 2009, during our exchange programme with MOELC in Singapore, Dr Tan Ching Yam introduced our students to finger painting. During this three-hour class, he explained the principles of his art, demonstrated his technique and then let the students freely engage in their own creations.

The students enjoyed being given an insight into this art previously unknown to them and also being given a chance to experience by themselves without the pressure of a formal class.

We thank Dr. Tan Ching Yam for this enriching afternoon and we look forward to meeting him again on one of our future exchanges.”

– Ms. Laurence Codomier, English Teacher, Lycée François Magendie.

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